Cost To Date

Tubes, TubeDepot, $23.75
Tube, VacuumTubes, $10.00
Filter Caps, Digikey, $2.05
Filter Caps, Digikey, $3.15
Paper Caps, Digikey, $24.28
Knobs, Bias Pot, IF Xformer Play Things of the Past, $31.35
Speaker Connector, NAPA, $2.96
Transistor, Quest Components, $32.50
Weld Nuts, McMaster-Carr, $2.00
TOTAL $132.04

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alignment Info from Antique Radios Forum

Here are the alignment instructions for the similar Motorola CTA8X, which is the one that the SM9T Motorola page refers to for everything except the schematic and the parts list, which you have. A1, A2, A3, A4 are of course the IF adjustments. A5 is the Osc trimmer, A6 is the RF trimmer, and A7 is the antenna trimmer on the back of the radio. This information is from Sams AR-9 and component labels may be different from Motorola labels. My Motorola manual is missing the pages for CTA8X.

Motorola CTA8X alignment.jpg

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