Cost To Date

Tubes, TubeDepot, $23.75
Tube, VacuumTubes, $10.00
Filter Caps, Digikey, $2.05
Filter Caps, Digikey, $3.15
Paper Caps, Digikey, $24.28
Knobs, Bias Pot, IF Xformer Play Things of the Past, $31.35
Speaker Connector, NAPA, $2.96
Transistor, Quest Components, $32.50
Weld Nuts, McMaster-Carr, $2.00
TOTAL $132.04

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Parts From Play Things of the Past

Received vintage bias pots, IF Transformer, and knobs


Second IF Transformer

Three different Bias pots, one intermittent, 100 ohms and on 200 ohms

 One set of back knobs and two sets of front knobs

 Round knobs with back knobs

Flat faced knobs with back knobs

Flat faced knobs on radio
Round knobs on radio

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