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Tubes, TubeDepot, $23.75
Tube, VacuumTubes, $10.00
Filter Caps, Digikey, $2.05
Filter Caps, Digikey, $3.15
Paper Caps, Digikey, $24.28
Knobs, Bias Pot, IF Xformer Play Things of the Past, $31.35
Speaker Connector, NAPA, $2.96
Transistor, Quest Components, $32.50
Weld Nuts, McMaster-Carr, $2.00
TOTAL $132.04

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New tuning Clutch and Tuning U-Joint

Today I replaced the tuning clutch disc and U-joint disc. Both are made out of rubber that has dried up and started cracking. These will just need to be replaced later so it is best to replace them now.

 Removing tuner section. Front of radio just unbolts from the chassis and the eight connecting wires were unsoldered.

Tuner section removed
 Old tuning clutch. This clutch is used to disengage the tuning knob when station selector buttons are pushed. Rubber clutch is all dried out and cracked.

 Tuning components removed

 Old U-joint made from cloth reinforced rubber cracked in several places

 Note clutch rubber falling out of assembly

 Outer clutch disc crimped is crimped onto the shaft

 Filing off the crimp to get the clutch disc off

 I drilled and tapped the shaft end for a 4-40 SS screw
 Test fitting the clutch disc mounted with screw

 Spraying neoprene rubber clutch disc pads and clutch discs with contact cement

 Applied the rubber pads to the clutch discs and pressing until dry

 Old U-joint

 Old U-joint with rivets drilled off

 New neoprene U-joint disc

New U-joint assembled
 Tuning components installed and tuner section installed in radio

Installed U-joint

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