Cost To Date

Tubes, TubeDepot, $23.75
Tube, VacuumTubes, $10.00
Filter Caps, Digikey, $2.05
Filter Caps, Digikey, $3.15
Paper Caps, Digikey, $24.28
Knobs, Bias Pot, IF Xformer Play Things of the Past, $31.35
Speaker Connector, NAPA, $2.96
Transistor, Quest Components, $32.50
Weld Nuts, McMaster-Carr, $2.00
TOTAL $132.04

Monday, December 9, 2013

Volume/Tone Control

I took apart the volume/tone control to clean the insides with hopes to clear up the scratchiness. Unfortunately it did not fix it but it helped a bit. This is a 2 meg volume with a 1 meg tap. the tone is 500K.

 Control disassembled

 Both tone and volume wipers are very worn

Volume shaft installed on element
 Switch installed on volume control

 Tone shaft installed on element

Coupling cover installed
 Assembled control

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